Copy mute groups

Hi everyone, is there a way to copy mute groups from one pattern to another one?

I wish this was a feature too. Global mute groups would be helpful too. (not features as of v1.2.8)

You can use the mixer in the app to turn the level of a track to 0. Then you can copy pattern settings from one track to another and thus your simulated mute group. Note: copy pattern settings will not copy mute groups settings …

This has been an issue for me when writing songs with multiple chained patterns and sequencing external gear, but using the op-z for drum machine duty. Creating your own “init” pattern with your mute group settings and using as the starting point of every pattern will work; but if you need to switch between the onboard synth engine and external sequencing then a new feature to copy mute groups or use a global mute group is a must have!