Copying audio files over 6 min to tape via USB

I have a vocal track that’s a bit under 8 minutes that I’d like to play from the OP-1. As far as I’ve understood, I can pitch down the tape to -12 to get 12 minutes of tape time @ 22kHz, or -6 to get 9 minutes of tape time @ 33kHz, and then just record the vocal track from the line in, but could I drop the audio file directly to the OP-1? Anybody tried that? What kind of pre-processing I’d need to do to the file in order to keep the pitch of the file intact? Would it suffice to up the pitch of the file by 50%, then copy the file, and then adjust the tape speed to -6?

I’m going to try this myself, but I figured I’d ask for advice first.

Something like that should work. You are the explorer here. So please let us know what you do to get it to work. the only thing the OP1 is going to care about is the bitrate and characteristics of the file. Just keep it the same as default and it should work.