Cosmic Builders

Made a new one for you guys. This one is a little more upbeat than usual:

This is really, really cool, and the mix sounds great. Can you talk a little bit about how you put it together, and how you did the visuals?

Thanks man. All recorded into Reaper with OP-1, I use some VSTs for eq mostly and then throw the mix into Max with Synzosizer going and mess around with that, I’ve been messing around with it so much I sort of found my flow in it and then record the output using OBS. Then took it into Premiere and blended two of them together. The uploaded versions are weird for all of my videos… I just got a Mac so I’ll be learning Final Cut Pro and maybe that will solve the issues. I think video quality inconsistencies are a bit of my PC not being able to render the detail and youtube processing. Most important thing is finding the time to do it all (and inspiration), it’s a lot of work lol and obviously far from perfect. I look at these things as little mandalas. It’s all practice, make the mandala get rid of it (in this case, hit upload and move on to the next one) :slight_smile: That said, the final videos on my harddrive look a lot better than anything uploaded so I’m hoping to compile those and a lot of other stuff to put out one mega-tripped out diy DVD.