Create a sound pack for Op-1 field

Is there any tool or is it just enough to record one high quality tone to create your own sound pack? As in the case of the Aeoner sound pack, which can be downloaded from the TE website - OP–1 field sound packs
That sounds really great in most ranges.


The instrument sampler, as with the original, only allows a single sample across the whole key range.

OP-1 Field sounds WAY better, and bends samples in a super high quality way. It’s nothing like the 80’a vibe of the OG.

To mask the single sample, consider sounds where the envelope, effects, and LFO, provide enough movement at a fixed speed, so you don’t have the effect of a sample playing faster as you go up the keyboard. The choice of sample is important for this too. If it’s too rhythmic you may notice.

The Drum Sampler DOES allow multiple samples. 20 seconds in total I believe. Plus due to the high quality sample rate conversion you can get more time by bringing your sample in sped up so it fits across 20 seconds then pitching it down. Rephazer has made some EXCELLENT sample packs via this method with keyboard multi sampled instruments in the drum sampler pitched down a bit. Recommended :slight_smile: The Aeoner pack does not use these tricks.

The drum sampler is really designed for single shot short samples, if you have piano or strings in there, samples with longer release times, you’ll run into issues with polyphony with complex parts where notes click as they’re cut off. You can’t avoid this, but you could if needed create a sequencer pattern in endless where each second note is used with rests in between, then after that is recorded to tape you make another endless pattern starting with a rest and the notes, so it interleaves with the first pattern, record that to tape also. I’ve done that for complex fast sections. Normally this isn’t an issue though.


Thank you for your comprehensive answer. I definitely need to check out this tricks. Love it😊

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Hi @SLandski, I´m glad that you liked the sound pack and it sounds great to you! :slight_smile:

I sampled all the sounds directly from the original synths to the op-1 field (where I adjusted the samples gain - which sometimes is hard with those very dynamic sounds - and created the patches with the ADSR + fade out + FX). I also used the tx-6 in the middle of the signal chain as a mixer for minimal EQ (a little bit more low, a little bit less high) and gentle compression. The whole sound pack creation chart:

////// [stereo sampling sources] -----== [tx-6 stereo] -----== [op-1 field synth sampler] -----%% [usb Disk mode copy/paste to computer] -----%% [google drive] -----%% [teenage engineering] ----%% [users] //////

I also used the teenage engineering official white cables.

As explained by @darwiniandude, the op-1 field sounds REALLY great with the 32-bit stereo sound and high quality analog digital/digital analog converters and what you hear is strictly new teenage engineering hardware sampling capabilities.

Most of the sampled sounds are originally stereo (which is one of the informal themes of the pack) and the stereo sound of the op-1 field helps the samples have this kind of open, wide dimension. I didn´t tried the samples in very extreme ranges but in a the usual ones it sounded pretty reasonable to my hears too, with no perceptive aliasing.


I do really like your sound pack @aeoner - and I had no idea the name of the pack meant anything :slight_smile: I also appreciate the obvious effort taken to get the levels right for the sounds, they all work well together and have great use of effect and lfo pages too, they’re not just samples.

Anyway thanks for bringing that to the OP-1f community :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your kind words, @darwiniandude! I hope that the soundpack helps you create new tunes (and new patches).

Yes, they aren’t just samples - indeed, the other elements, specially the FX and envelopes - are essential to the final sounds and in some of them changed the original source quite dramatically.

As I explained in other places, the samples can be used in other samplers (including the OP-1) but the patches and sounds are exclusive to the OP-1 Field (specially because of the stereo and Mother reverb).

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