Create slice markers from Logic

Hey guys, I’m creating a drum kit in Logic, and I created a marker for each region.
I’m trying to export this as a file, but retain the markers so OP1 reads them automatically. Is there a way to do this in Logic?

the way the kit format is i dont believe so
TE uses their own sorta thing in the header of the aiff file for all the kit information
something i would be surprised logic (or any DAW) would know how to add properly

u are better off just using the drum utility that is already available

if u create a single file with 16 evenly sliced sounds
then the op1 will automatically slice them properly
but thats just what the op1 does if there is no slice information in file.
16 even slices + 8 even slices

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Spacing the regions evenly using my app SampleCrate and uploading them from the iPad.