Created an on-the-go way to sync my OP-1 with a Raspberry PI using a LCD screen for input / output

A little project to keep busy - thought I’d share it with the community. If anyone forks, I’d be more than happy to integrate changes.

Here’s a quick overview

Red when the OP-1 is not connected / connecting


Green when connected and ready to sync


Yellow when synching (yes that's yellow) It can sync everything or just specific folders


Green when complete



Nice! I think someone posted about a similar thing in the old ohpeewon forum.

Probably this one?

Nice work! Patch renaming via that LCD screen’s D-pad would be dope. =)

Nice project ! Thanks for sharing !

Hi! I’ve been working on a project for Raspberry Pi and these character LCDs - a user interface, just like yours, but with lots of capabilities out-of-the-box. You might be interested in it: it has lots of essential Raspberry Pi functions bundled, and also allows for plugins - so you could easily make your app into a a plugin and get lots of additional capabilities, like shutdown/reboot menus, network connectivity menus (connect to wireless network, for example), input UI elements (to input words from the 5-key pad) etc. etc. Here’s more info about it.

Hi @CRImier, that link does not work.

@dbell This is really nice.
I sold my OP so I stopped working on the project years ago.
Last week I re-purchased the OP1 and I’m planning to pick it up this project again.

Backup-wise I’ll do a similar thing to what this is doing. But one adittion I always wanted was LFO to midi.

So whenever you are in a non-backup-state the Raspberry can send out midi for creating semi-complex LFO routing. Pick CC1 and send a pulse lfo in the same beat as the OP. Or send a sinus lfo to one parameter of the effects.

Is anyone selling anything like this? I have money and wants.