creating 32nd note (and above) patterns

Helloooo; I was wondering if there was a special way to sequence 32nd notes and the like. for example, fast hi hats and synth arpeggios. One idea I had was to double the tempo, any others?

Doubling the tempo will work fine. The endless sequencer allows divisions of 32nd notes and 32nd triplets. The biggest problem with doubling the tempo is that you’ll run through your sequencer twice as fast. There are 99 endless steps possible, but if you are doing normal beats, you’ll only get to 64 steps as a division of a 4/4 measure. It can be painstaking, but you can do one measure of 64th notes at a time by entering your pattern with several steps of rests past 64 to keep it from looping and record one measure at a time.

Yup, I use endless for 32nd. Double tempo for 64th madness. Endless is a beast.

Depending on what you want to do exactly you can give Delay a try.

Another thing I’ve played around with is looping individual drum samples (hi hat mainly) and recording them into endless as a held note for as long as I want the loop to play. You can adjust the loop point by ear to get 32nd, 64th, or triplets or anything in between. You can copy and paste these hits to a few keys for a few variations.