Creating pads using chorus effect (pan and detune)

What is the perfect setting in cents for a hard panned opposite pad, to create that perfect chorus sound? Being playing around with cluster and it sounds amazing doing this, just trying to find that sweet spot, any ideas peoples?

Sweet spot imo is 20 or -20 imo if it’s any help to anyone :slight_smile:

Could you describe in more detail what you’re actually doing here? Sounds nice but I don’t really get it. Thanks!

Ok haha, right create a pad using cluster, using some attack and some decent release etc and add your desired effect, then record that to a track but pan it hard right…now press shift and metronome and change Cents option to 20…now go back to tape and on a different track but at the same starting position of the last recording, record the pad again at hard left. Enjoy the nice delicious chorus FX :wink: when you play back



Great! Thanks a lot! I’ll try that. :slight_smile: