Creating synth patches

I wonder if it’s possible to create synth (not sample) patches, which would be stored in one of the 100 dedicated space rather than in the 42 sample spaces.
I recently downloaded synth patches which entered this category and were made by a Op-1 very clever user… I wondered how he(she) did that!

u create synth patches the same way u create sample patches
but they are much smaller b/c there is no audio data just meta data (parameters and such)

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:wink: Thanks. But my point is what tool do you use to build the file, the Metadata & parameters?

u use the OP1 itself

Oh… Thanks! You mean a snapshot file is indeed in this specific synth formm different from a sample file?

That’s right. You just need to connect the op-1 to a computer, rename the preset and you’re good to go

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Thank you all for your help and aswers.