Creative setup - Jupiter-8 patches controlled by OP-1 and iPad

There are just sooo many ways to connect things up - so I had a think about what I wanted in terms of sound, and then what I wanted in terms of control.

- I'm very fond of the Jupiter-8 so that wins in terms of my sound palette
- I'll supplement this with Juno 106 and JX-3P sounds from the other modules
- And also with the superb onboard sounds inside Logic - including Alchemy
- I love the OP-1 for travel, and the sounds are 'okay' whilst creating songs on the move - but I'm not preferring them when I've got all my kit and have a choice

- One of the things I really love about the OP-1 is the collection of off-the-wall sequencers that can be used as arpeggiators etc.
- Speaking of which - there is a load of flexibility in the iPad for arpeggiating and sequencing with apps like Xynthesizr and Necklace
- And of course, I'll plug my CZ-5000 into the MIDI-IN of the Presonus interface to complete my setup :-)

What I love most about this little setup is that you can swap between controlling the JP-8 from OP-1 various sequencers, various iPad apps and the keyboard without having to reconfigure a single thing.