Critter & Guittar ONDA

“We are happy to announce the first demo of our forthcoming instrument: the ONDA!”

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“a new musical instrument computer that runs patches that can mimic a variety of behaviors, from simple synths to complex algorithmic generators.”
hmm seems like the organelle already does that?

Removable faceplate = genius! (in my opinion)

Get a white acrylic cover and mark on the parameter controls with a sharpie.

I like the removable faceplate too! This analogy makes sense to me too, having had a Walkman back in the day.

“Where the Organelle can be thought of as a jukebox of musical instruments, the ONDA is more like your walkman (if anyone still has one) loaded with your favorite mix tape”

The Organelle was definitely a step away from the Pocket Piano experience - the latter had no display, so it was designed to be as usable as possible without a display. The ONDA looks like a return to the Pocket Piano aesthetic.