CUCKOO & Friends LIVE in Berlin, Friday 21 nov

Dear OP-1 friends!
I've been invited to Berlin, to come play a little gig on friday. By pure coincidence @Mixrasta is also playing! How fantastic!
This will be a great opportunity for all ye Berliners to pop in and say hello, and get som LIVE CUCKOO tunes, created in the moment, stick for life, in your head ;-) I'm still working out what I'm actually going to perform. I think a mix of in the moment improvised on the spot, with some songs will be a fair assumption :)

There's a facebook event where you can join in, and make it look big, he he.

I hope to see some of you there!
Spread the word!

CUCKOO and Friends Berlin 2-v1 1500px

How cool! You’re both playing the same night! Wish I could come and meet you both, that would be super cool, but alas, I’m in London. Can’t wait to hear how it goes though if you can tell us after the event?

I’m very excited to do this together with cuckoo! Even though it will be very improvised and chaotic funny. Have to rehearse now, actually don’t wanna mute and unmute prepared material, for a chaos-virtuoso like me this will be interesting, ha! I will Dj later, so I’m going to have both, challenge and routine! I will sing my battle song “a view to a kill” and play the lazergunz live with DNA : ) You can join us next time! @yoof

That is one fine looking jacket, sir! :slight_smile:

I’m sooo soo busy the days leading up to this. And I need to get up a 4.00 to catch the morning flight to Berlin. And I don’t drink coffee… It’ll either be a disaster, or a one in a million, no way to reproduce, smash hit night :smiley: (going for the latter…)

@cuckoo and @mixrasta - do you have any idea of a schedule for the evening of who is playing when? just a rough idea of the times? i have performances until 22:30 and then could head to the venue….

It will probably start later, but who knows…Cuckoo is playing the last part as far as I know, so you have a good chance to see him perform and me playing records later. @instantjuggler

Sounds fun. Best of luck to you both.

Awesome, wish I could be there! Have fun and shoot some video for us ok?!

I hope we can get at least some decent footage from the night. I have no idea of the schedule @instantjuggler But I hope I can keep a set going for at least 30 - 45 minutes, depending on how the response is, and of how late we can keep going. I plan to improvise a lot… sort of like a live youtube show, only super focused :wink: Please stop by anyways!

Finally got to meet up with @mixrasta and a big crowd of Berliners and interesting folks. Video coming up in the coming days for all ye interested :slight_smile:

Yo! That was fun to meet the virtual @cuckoo in real, and he did an almost 2 hours performance, jam high on the levels! Amazing is the right word not to mention what an honour to perform with that guy, now I know I have to train my live skills ; ).

And here’s a video of my part of the show. Great to be back on stage again!

Looks like it was lots of fun, thanks for postimg! The keys and rytm make a great combo too.

Great playing, and what a nice atmosphere there was!

Great vibe!!