Cuckoo in Berlin, mini gig at Marla Records 30th march


i forgot my camera like a n00b and dont have a smartphone, but @cuckoo filmed the whole set and a few clips of us hanging out afterwards. I guess once super booth is done he might have a chance to post a few things :slight_smile:


I suppose you’re all aware of SuperBooth 2016 this weekend? Another reason for me to envy all of you being in Berlin at the moment…


Cuckoo is probably uploading sth and he gave me my part of the show. It’s kind of funny to see yourself doing performances with all the mistakes. I’m gonna upload a cut of my performance tomorrow I promise! Was really cool to meet up in reality, I enjoyed it a lot !!!


Wish I lived in Germany so bad. My short time in Cologne was amazing. Sounds like a fun meeting of the OPfam.


btw, tonight there is Night of Machines by Elektron


ah yeah, i saw that. I cant make it unfortunately but if you go then enjoy!!


Here a snippet of my part of the show, cuckoo is filming…


Great stuff! Thanks for posting it.


Heheeee cool ! I would have surely been dancing in the middle, eyes closed half of the time :smiley:

@mixrasta, you look like a very humble guy… You’re talented mate !!


Yeah, the middle was saved for the breakdancers… ; ) thanks for the compliments @LyingDalai and @Sparky


ah nice one @mixrasta shame i missed the set! Good to watch it back :smiley:


Well crap, I stay away from the forums for a couple of days and this happens… sorry I missed it.


Loved this! A really nice little set up you got going on there and a cool spot to express yourself with it. Nice @mixrasta and @cukoo, thanks a bunch for sharing! I just watched the video on the train back from a trip to Hakone and my first stay at a Ryokan. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey sorry for not checking in!! I’ve been so busy the last two weeks! It was lovely to visit Berlin again. And indeed nice meeting you guys who made it there! I’ll work more on my live set and come back soon! Promise. Here’s a snippet of one of my songs:


Oh Yes!
Definitely got my fix.


@mixrasta played really nice. Beautiful stuff. I have to look through the set again and see if I’ll perhaps post one more. I was looking through the OP-1 improvs that I did in the end, but I don’t know. I fumble around and take like a lifetime to get to the result. Perhaps I should chop it up a little, and post a shorter snippet.


I decided to post my whole performance. For anyone who’d like to relive the moment, or if you’d like to have been there, but missed it! :slight_smile:


WoW!!! @cukoo after watching your last performance - in which I thought I wrote my thoughts and posted a comment only now to find that happening only took place in my head - I have lusted after an Octatrack. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger and making the purchase.

But I do have a plan; Live Sci-Fi Grime with the one like One Second Long - MC Tick - on microphone duties. First I need to go make and create, build and bake some audio pleasure.

So I’ll bide my time, hopefully. Maybe. I’m going to watch your most recent upload now whilst on my 6km daily walk home.

Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. Blessings to you mon frére!

Here a snippet of my part of the show, cuckoo is filming...

Yeaaaah man ! Are you both playing on an ironing board ? That’s gorgeous !

Great miniGig @Cuckoo and @mixrasta, what a pity it was too far from most of us.


Really nice Octatrack action @cuckoo, thanks for sharing!