Custom Case

Hi all, I’ve had my OP-Z for a week and a half. I love it but I think I may have possibly spent more time looking for a decent case for it than actually playing it :man_facepalming:t3:

I’m a Mechanical Engineer and, at my previous job, part of my role was to design soft cases and foam inserts (to fit Peli cases and similar) for thermal imaging cameras and lenses.

There seems to be such a massive gap in the market for a decent case and it’s got me thinking of designing one. I started designing a plastic sleeve style case that I’ll release files on thingiverse when I’m finished and happy with it (I want it to be compact, easy to use and definitely can’t mark or damage the finish whilst also providing decent crush and drop protection) or consider getting tools made to have it molded if interest is high enough.

I’ve been thinking of drawing up an open cell foam insert and having it made by a supplier in the UK that I’ve worked with previously. I’m struggling to think of what kind of hard case I’d like it to fit. Been looking at the sort of plastic case that comes with cheap vernier calipers or a metal hinged pencil case (although I worry they open too easily).

The third option is a padded water resistant sleeve that I can also get made locally.

If I go ahead with any of the latter two options and decide to make a professional style case would people be interested in it? If so I have some follow up questions.

  1. Is it important to have additional space for accessories like headphones or charging cable? Or are you happy to have a smaller protective case that you’d throw in another bag?

  2. Some sort of branding or subtle/no external styling on the case?

  3. What sort of price would you see as acceptable? I’d like to make these as cheap as possible but it depends on quantities/quality obviously. I don’t need to make a huge profit but I need to know that I can get my investment back without having to sell each and every one of them.

  4. Plastic case or metal tin? Clip or friction lock?

I think that’s all for now but if you can think of anything important I should know please comment below!



Sounds much less sophisticated than you are planning, but I had a lovely custom case in leather made by these guys for less than 40 quid…

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I saw those posted on another thread and they appear very well made, unfortunately I just don’t like the style. Seems too much like a ladies clutch to me.

I’m trying to think of anything that can add value to a custom case as well and have a few ideas to make it stand out. I’m leaning towards the first option in a way because of it’s opensource possibilities and also we are already in a hobby that can become a huge money drain!

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Ah well it’ll be cool if you do it! I think cable holder is necessary feature. My pouch thing has that and it’s super useful. Good luck with it!

Ps doesn’t look much like clutch in the flesh, honest :grimacing::joy: