Custom Firmware on the OP-1

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Anyone had a peek at the new OS?

Thanks @docshermsticks. After reading your post I took the plunge and installed #235 with all mods yesterday and can confirm everything looks good (including the moose).


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I’ve been looking at adding a community presets pack for ITER in the custom firmware tool, and it’s looking quite good at the moment. The pack currently features all the iter presets on so 11 presets in total. See them here:✓&q[name_cont]=&q[user_username_cont]=&q[patch_type_cont]=iter&q[s][0][name]=created_at&q[s][0][dir]=desc&commit=Search

While playing with the presets and firmware, I accidentally discovered that the patch names can have special symbols from the font file in them. Check out the picture :smile:

I’ll probably be experimenting with this more in the near future…


Hi everyone.

I’ve been reading this thread from top to bottom for the last couple of weeks since getting my OP-1, and I am stoked to try and personalize my OP-1.

I have started by trying to design my own graphics for the finger sequencer as @wavi and @TabascoEye have done.

Here is a screenshot of my test design. have read on this thread that I might have some troubles if I am not careful in keeping the groups intact of the original file, I am curious to how that is done because I have had no success in loading my new firmware with this modified graphics. I have also done some test and it seems like something as simple as drawing a new line or hiding a line in the original file is enough to cause the firmware to fail. It is worth mentioning that I am making these changes in Illustrator as is recommended on this thread.

i remember seeing Illustrator-exported SVGs containing all kinds of weirdness, unless you configure it explicitly just so. Your best bet for SVG is still a text editor, where you would be able to see and edit the exact ids and of course the contents.

So maybe open the original SVG and your exported thing side by side and I’d start by applying changes one by one, until you’ve got a feel for what works and how.

For more details, read up on svg. it’s very powerful, but I don’t remember us knowing for sure what’s supported. The IDs in the SVG document are mandatory, they’re used for targeting the elements to change, and have to stay the same.

I’ve done some very basic documentation of the OP-1 SVG support. I’ll try to continue improving it in the future. See here:

Thank you @wavi I have installed your op1svg program, but I could not figure out the command to convert the original svg to the fixed svg.

In the meantime, I’ll try to figure out how to edit it as a text file @eesn I’ll let you know if I figure something out.

That tool helps but isn’t perfect. There are some SVG features that it doesn’t understand yet. I’ll be improving it in the near future, and hopefully I can get it to handle most if not all the quirks that the OP-1 SVG implementation has.

The usage (on linux) is simply:
./ original_filename fixed_filename

I just released version 0.2.1 of my op1repacker tool, and it now includes 11 iter presets from the community. To get them use the presets-iter option when modding.

I’ve also been playing more with the SVG stuff. I learnt a lot of new details about how the OP-1 reads the SVG files. I just updated the op1svg tool and the docs.

Now the tool should be a lot more stable, and does a much better job of cleaning up the SVG files. There might still be bugs though, so if anyone uses it and notices anything weird please report it.

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If anyones interested I posted a (almost) complete history of the various firmware versions that have been released over the years:


nice! i have 216 i could send u if u want to add that to the list

Yeah why not, although not sure if that was some internal beta or something. I have 076 but have been unsure of whether to add it as it was the leaked beta. However it’s still available elsewhere on the net and all the stuff in the beta has been released anyway… Still, it’s interesting for research purposes.

here u go 216

i feel like since they’ve already surpassed the beta OS that its no biggie?


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Im sure I deserve a million scoffs for asking the following questions, but if anyone has the patience!?!

firstly I have never used python nor do I have much experience working with the terminal.

Can anyone walk me through the process of @wavi instructions.

Im literally starting from the bottom of this mountain of information and I was wondering if anyone could walk me through this with sole objective of using these custom firmwares. id be more then happy to learn more about the ins and outs, but to be completely honest I just want the firmwares. I apologize if what im asking is hard too understand. this is the equivalent of a Neanderthal asking an advanced extraterrestrial being for directions. Id be more then happy to compensate your for your time.

Thanks, will add that to the archive in the next update :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be too difficult to install and run the op1repacker, but lets start with the basics: What operating system are you using on your computer?

OS 10.14.4! and thank your for your time Wavi!