Custom Firmware on the OP-1


@wavi said:

I spent the entire night messing with the FW and it was totally worth it. Teaser below (sorry for low quality audio)

Still need to figure some stuff out but at least my unpack/repack tool is working perfectly :slight_smile: There will definitely be more to come…



naturally w/ the new 235 firmware
my first thought was to see if i can unlock filter & iter.
but having trouble installing the op1repacker
python3 is installed version 3.4.1
running OS X 10.11.6 el capitan
keep getting this error message.
i tried a few things but no bueno. any insight?


nevermind! i reinstalled/updated python3 and it worked
can confirm that the mods work on #235
well i did all of them except the moose


Dude! But the moose


cow for life
cow for president


MwOOSEd of the time I enjoy the antlers :upside_down_face:


Anyone had a peek at the new OS?


Thanks @docshermsticks. After reading your post I took the plunge and installed #235 with all mods yesterday and can confirm everything looks good (including the moose).

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