Custom wooden tilt stand for OP-1

Hi everyone,

Just introducing myself first! I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve only had the OP-1 a couple of weeks now, but wanted a stand to add tilt for use on a desk.

Being a huge fan of woody-stuff, the OP-1 felt a little cold to me, I think the wood gives it a nice ye olde type of feel. It is a tight ‘press fit’, nothing else is needed to hold the op-1 in place.

The sides are Tasmanian Blackwood and the front/rear is Indian rosewood. A small piece of black ebony is glued near the i/o section. (off cuts - I’m a hobbyist guitar builder)

I’ll finish it off properly with black allen screws etc. I’d love to hear what you guys think!



wow this is awesome i totally have to make this!

Aww man, that’s lovely. Nice work! If you’re too lazy to get the black allen scews, you could also heat your screws with a gas torch to get a nice light gray/white matte finish that could go well with the OP-1.

Looks great man. I’m loving that Australian hardwood! My father is a luthier and I would kill to get some of that into Canada. Funny enough I just posted a thread about a wooden travel case prototype I’m messing with so this was awesome to see.

That’s totally awesome, I love this stand.
You made a great work Shaun, I really need to make a stand like this !

So damn cute love it. Is it angled enough?

Thanks for your comments guys. Thanks Montaberne, for the tip on the screws - never heard of that before, legend!

In hindsight I probably could’ve set the angle a little higher, but it’s still pretty cool

For anyone interested in making one - I glued a small brace on the inside each of the 4 pieces after cutting them to shape (mark the depth of the OP-1 + extra depth for ‘floor’, measuring down from the tilted ‘top’ side) then after assembling the 4 pieces I sat the small ‘floor’ on top of those braces (just a rectangular thin piece of wood the same LxW as OP-1, for the op-1 to then sit on.

To get the press-fit I cut a piece of MDF to the size of OP-1, then clamped the stand pieces to this and built the stand ‘around it’ to ensure it’d be the right size.

Don’t forget to cut out a section in the right hand side for the i/o!

Sweet! Had the same idea when i got my OP-1. I also carved out a rail so the unit can slide in and gets locked when the headphones are plugged in.

i used copper screws and carved a recess so they dont stick out

Op-1s are finally getting woodied :slight_smile:

Let’s see how your USB, mic in, stereo ports turned out!

@shaunmcilroy I’m trying to build one. Can you show us pictures of the inside please ?