CV from iPad headphone out info

Saw this and thought I’d pass it along …

oooOOOoooOOOooo Fancy

Doesn’t seem like we’re there yet. Need a booster or amp to bump it up.

it would be cool if one could do this with OP1. or what would be really nice is if you could plug CV into the line-input of the OP1 and control parameters as such without Oplab

That ain’t gonna happen. lol

there is actually a software that take your audio interface and turns the analog I/O in CV I/O.

for example:


I downloaded a new app called Trigger Box a couple of days ago and will hook it up with the MicroBrute. I’ll run the iPad’s output signal thru an A.R.T. preamp, then into the Brute’s gate in.

Something about the OP’s link didn’t work for me.

This one seems to work: