CV Module Price

I ran across an OP-Z on Moog Audio’s site here. It is listed at ~$800 USD, and in the picture of the unit, you can see the yellow from the CV module sticking out.

This would suggest the price will be $200 USD for the CV module.

maybe 149 at least.
oplab Module vs crave

it can‘t be too hard to make a diy cv/gate module once the pinout is released. maybe it’s just not configured at this time

I doubt they will release that much documentation, but we can both hope rite

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…that’s 800CAD which is ~599 USD + tax.
So, price of CV module is NOT included there.


There are some things on that page that aren’t (yet) true. Here’s an example:
“6-axis motion sensor (g-force) can be assigned to any synthesizer parameter”

but possible. I would love the to see some lfos on all tracks independently. more machines, engines, master fx etc

Thats just a regular op-z, there’s no module, they’re 800 canadian


I’ve been looking into the hardware and firmware quite a bit, and I suspect that modules are not going to be easy to reverse engineer, but I’m hoping as much as anyone this isn’t the case.

If the communication between the module and the OP-Z is mediated by a micro-controller (instead of a direct connection with.a bunch module bunch of passive or standard protocol devices) then it may be next to impossible, considering that a proprietary protocol is likely to be used and include some key-lock logic.

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and yet again new iconography


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Your screenshot triggered me haaaaarrrrrrd :fearful:
But then I realized, that it seems to be one of different beta-layouts of the op-z.

You can find it in several beta-videos:

Otherwise my OCD would have killed me, if I had to attach stickers to keep my unit up to date… :laughing:
So lets hope it’s just an old photo. That might also be the reason for the cv-module to be integrated. If I remember correctly that was the case with older product photos.

149$ Is the price !!

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notice how the midi cable that comes with it isn’t even matching the other design philosophy of PO-Modular and OP-Z. Just looks like any other cheapo cable…

I thought they don’t compromise?!


And nothing about a cable for using cv 2 and 3.? Is it included?

TE OP-Z Module vs Crave

I crave the oplab module.

the module with 4 cv and an xtra gate is nice for the price, but im gonna hold back cause im curious i f we get to have lfo and envelop to CV. If so i m sold!

now the module channel is very light

tiny company, mammoth mark-up