cwo like pedaleffect

stumbled over this!

the mwfx judder seems to be a cwo-like effect as a pedal…how cool is that??

Nice, I love VolcaRock. :slight_smile:

Thats really cool, what a great little box! The Rainbow Machine from Earthquaker Devices can also be covers a lot of the same ground as the CWO - it shifts pitch, has repeats/delay and is also capable of flange-style sounds. The Make Noise Echophon isn’t too dissimilar, a little like a eurorack CWO but it lacks the flange effect.

Anything using the spin fv1 chip might be using the one setting that reminds me of CWO I belive the red panda particle is were I first noticed this. Cwo seems to be more of a pitch cascade then a smearing effect. Lots of delays can do smearing i.e. slide between pitches (chorus; vibrato; pitch pirate, echoplex) this is through abuse of the pt2399 chip(echoplex isn’t 2399 but emulation of it is.) The rainbow machine is spin fv1 based. Cwo has some heavy phasering going on simultaneously with the delay cascade. I’m working on diying a spin fv1 based eurorack module. Then I can really abuse the chip and see how close to CWO it can get. Combine a delay and a phaser and id say your pretty close. Pitch cascade is hard and nothing pulls it off like cow imo.

Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t know about the spin fv1 chip. The way I use the Rainbow Machine is more in the subtle side - slight pitch change gets you into a sort of miscellaneous chorus and means that the repeats gentle move away from the notes. If the timing is set up carefully it sounds like delay and reverb together - I guess this is the smearing at work. There is a lag control on the Rainbow Machine that can go some way to separating that but I like the smear too much with a guitar.

I’ve ran a borrowed EHX phaser with the rainbow machine, totally agree that its CWO country.

absolutely agree about using it on the subtle side. i find specifically with delay and delay like effects like reverb; blending it with the dry signal is were the magic happens. IF the pitch is wobbling from the delay only when its mixed with the dry signal will you get the chorus like wobble. etc… just listening to it dry its a vibrato i guess. EQD has such great pedals and now i want the rainbow machine too, damn.

Most demos seem to focus on the extreme side of the Rainbow Machine which is understandable I guess, it is a bit of a show stopper. I only mix in about 25% of the effected signal - its a little of everything (delay/repeats, verb, chorus and subtle pitch shift) just slightly off kilter in a way that you can’t quite put your finger on.

EQD’s stuff is great for everything that isn’t my bank account. I operate a one-in one-out policy with pedals these days to try fight back against all the amazing boxes that are out there!

if y’all like the rainbow machine, y’all will love the Count To 5 by montreal assembly

or that new monstrosity he is working on.
not exactly CWO but it is pretty amazing device

I saw a demo of the Count to 5 a few weeks ago, there is a lot of great stuff going on with that pedal. Also feeling the Red Panda Particles vibes as well. I’d love to hook either of those up to the Rainbow Machine for an afternoon and just press record…

an expanded count to five is coming. im looking forward to it.

CT5 is totally on my long list of ridiculous pedals i want. maybe ill hit the lottery. laugh.

guitar pedals + synths are an incredible combination :smiley:

I had the CT5 for a while, but sold it as i just ended up using it like an expensive one trick pony. The expanded one looks cool though!