Dan Deacon NPR Tiny Desk Concert

So, I was watching this NPR tiny desk concert, and couldn’t help but notice that he’s using an OP-1. I just thought I’d share, as I’m sitting here smiling after watching it.

Dan Deacon Tiny Desk

Awesome. I saw him live once, and I’ve never seen people have such an unadulterated good time in my life. He has a magical ability to get people to truly enjoy themselves.

Exactly !

At some point I noticed he got us out of the room, and then we all looked at each other thinking both “what are we doing here ?” and "where is the sound ?"
This guy knows how to drive a crowd !

The fact that he plays right in the middle of it must have something to do with it, I believe.

Never heard of the guy before but that was freaking awesome, thanks!

I also want a midi controlled piano =)

I’m glad you all liked the video! We need more joy in the world I think! I’m going to make some happy tracks with my OP1!

Holy moly, I like exclamation points!

Had a rough day at work. 30 mins of Dan Deacon and I’m a happy camper again!

great! :smiley: