Dangerous lift/drop bug!

Ok I’m really really mad right now! Did a shit+lift to lift 4 tracks at once, and dropped them nearby… and… the track lines are there, but there is no sound!!! Disappeared! Gone!
What to do now??! What a horrible unfair bug!

Try first to replicate the bug.

Most of the time, one can find the problem is located between the chair and the table ^^
I have never observed such a bug already…

Well hours of work gone in a second! I’ve been having other, similar bugs, like ghost tracks for example, and a few others. Maybe should do a full reset.

- factory reset once in a while is a good idea (I do it once a year I believe)
- maybe try to copy + paste next time, instead of cut + paste
- when you've worked for hours on a track, backup you work on a computer asap :)

I'm not sure such bug has already been declared here, so I find this strange : can you replicate it (after backup of course) ?

My unit does not show any bug so far.

How do you copy+paste? Didn’t know that was possible!

Yes, I’ve been backing up WAY more often since! :wink:

I will try to replicate and I’ll let you know…

ps: I only just understood your joke about the problem being located between the chair and the table! hahaha!

How do you copy+paste? Didn't know that was possible!

My mistake, I just invented a functionality, sorry ^^

So indeed you can only cut… :-B

You can copy and paste, it’s just called lift and drop instead.

No @daninski, “drop” actually “cut” the piece of audio, hence the problem that occurred to our dear @vil.

If you always instantly drop after lifting, then for all purposes it works like a copy & paste. Also, before recording on top of a recording, lift & drop before pressing rec, then it functions as an undo…

@vehka Sure, but @vil apparently got a bug on the drop, so let’s talk about cut+paste as it’s what it does exactly.

And the lift+drop before recording is really a very good idea (if one has something to lift that is < 1:30)

I think it could be he accidently lift again the empty block. I had that before…

oh yeah that makes sense @mixrasta!

@mixrasta Oh ! you mean like double-clicking on the lift-all button ? This makes sense, and it would backup my chair/table theory :smiley:

If you lift on an empty bar, the previous bar you’ve lifted is still there, you can’t lift an empty bar. So double-clicking doesn’t make a difference.
And what I dropped were track lines with no sound, rather than nothing dropping.

Since then I’ve had many such bugs: shift+lift not working at all anymore, bars disappearing suddenly, ghost bars (with sound but no track lines)… This is happening A LOT!

I’m going to have a try at shift+lift on the train home tonight. Haven’t done it for ages, but I somehow remember the reason I haven’t done it for ages is that it didn’t work for me last time I tried. The idea is that you can lift up clips from all four tracks and then drop them as a single clip somewhere - is that right? Do the clips have to be the same size?

@vil yeah, i have same problem. Recently got my OP-1 unit and almost immediately stumbled upon a bug with tape and shift+lift. I lifter all 4 tracks to erase loop totally, but while no parts of recording were shown in the loop (i.e. no grey lines as if something is recorded), something still was playing on one of the tracks when you just run through “empty” loop. It seems, like only the last overdubbed part was playing. When i tried dropping something above it, the same piece of music was still playing in that exact spot.
First time i freaked out, and wiped whole tape (i was just messing around in 2-nd quad), I cant clearly recall if that helped, but later on i just rebooted the device, and that spot was clear. Firmware R.14503 (or something)

Also, what is current non-beta and beta firmware numbers?

occasionally i’d press a button twice, something with the springiness of the keys. so I can imagine shift+lift+lift… haven’t tried to glitch it tho