Dark Energy 1 + Microbrute


Maybe I´m going a little bit too offtopic, but as (1) I know that some people here have modular/semi-modular stuff, (2) I was inspired by a great topic here to buy the Microbrute and (3) I think that both DE and MB have the “little synth” idea that fits really well with the Operator One spirit, I think that maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:

I got a Dark Energy I some years ago, but was focusing in more beat-oriented stuff so I spent my free time learning how to use some samplers and drum machines.

Returned to the DE1 this year and got deeply interested in synthesis and modular stuff, focusing in making some textures/ambient stuff for my beats. After a lot of research and nice talks here, I bought the Microbrute, which I´m planning to use as a kind of duophonic synth with my DE1 - and settle the base for a small modular Eurorack.

However, I´m having a hard time to set both synths together. I searched old topics of Muffwiggler and although I found some people using the DE with the MB, I didn´t found anything more specific. So, some modularheads here can suggest me some patches and procedures to hook them? What should I look about to make them speak and sing?

I have an DE 1 + Microbrute too. I must admit that i´m using the microbrute only as a keyboard and sequencer for the Dark Energy. I played around with both as a 2 oscillatorsynth, but i think they sound so different – they don´t fit for me together.

of course you can use the envelope and the lfo from the microbrute to modulate the doepfer but - it has 2 lfos ready…enough me. (would like noise for the DE)

and you can use the envelope and the 2 lfos in otherway to beef up the microbrute but - what is there left to modulate? i´ve tried a lot to make more complex patches on the microbrute, but there a less options to shape the sound in significant ways.

what you really should look to make it more ambient is a reverb/delay!