Howdy doodie’s and all that,

Just old me Darxxxercising my Darxxxenius-ness once again and this time in the shape of FREE FANTASTIC PLUGINS!!! One is a ‘lo-fi’ generator and the other a delay.

They are great and I know some of you mix in the box so I’m sure you’ll find them super helpful :wink:

They are from iZotope. I got one today and the other last night. The delay is fantastic offering both analog and granular delay. The gui shows the wave form and it allows us to delay just the top of it, all of it, or anywhere between and adjust the intensity with which it does so. It also gives the option of delaying just a filtered part of the waveform. Effects that would require two or more plugins to achieve are found in DDLY. Thumbs up!

The other plugin is called ‘vinyl’ and is basically a lo-fi generator. I haven’t tried it out yet but it is a reissue of old freeware from iZotope and was often well regarded on Gearslutz and other forums alike. I am sure it is magnificent.

Anyway, here are the links :wink:



I hope you are having a good day and you have a Darxxxellent weekend!

Vinyl is great, I’m still rocking the old version which has served me well for years but will upgrade to this versions over the weekend. izotope stuff is fantastic!