Data transfer fails with firmare 1.5.0 and Mac OS Sonoma

I recently updated my OP-1 Field to firmware version 1.5.0 and connected it to my MacBook Pro running Sonoma (14.2.1). FieldKit finds the device correctly and let’s me explore all files. However, whenever I try to copy a folder of samples over from my MacBook to the OP-1 Field, I see the files get transferred over and then they immediately vanish. When I disconnect the OP-1 Field I don’t see the new folders or samplers. I’ve tried this with both drum and synth files and all vanish. I’ve also tried copying individual files into an existing folder and I see the files transfer and then vanish.

I fixed this with a factory reset and then re-did the firmware update. That resolved everything although I’m not sure why.

anywho, like all things a factory resets solves the problem.