DAW Reccomendations for TE Field Equipement

So I’ve tried to read through most of the commentary regarding the field equipment coming out, I do have an order in for the OP-1 Field, and the TX-6. I do currently and will continue to keep my original OP-1 and OP-Z and collection of Pocket Operators. Currently I use a Mackie ProFX 12V2 t connect most of my line devices to my MacBook Pro to use in either Garagaband, or Ableton Live Lite 11 cause I haven’t swung for the full version, or Logic Pro Either. I had been in the Market for the Tascam Model 24, or the Mackie Onyx 24 since both gave 24 Digital Channels over USB to the DAW of choice, but because mobility is it a bit key to me, ei, 1 bag gigs, I’m diving on the TX-6.

My question to this amazing community is, what DAW does everyone plan to use with this thing to get the complete 12 channels out of it over USB, or 6x stereo? There are many limits with the free Ableton like how many tracks you can have. Does it make sense to upgrade Ableton? Go with Logic, Cubase? I have Cubasis 3.0 on my iPad Pro which can probably handle the work, along with iPad Garageband, but I want a way to work on my Mac with these devices. I wish everyone their best in their musical journeys, I try to listen in and enjoy everyone here. Thanks again and sorry to be long winded.



I’d go with Ableton. You can get a lot of mileage out of the stock plugins to complement the TE gear, and the clip launching feature can be a good arrangement tool, which could help overcome some of the shortcomings of the OP-1 tape workflow.


the best DAW is the one u are most comfortable with
i know cats that still kill shit w/ cool edit pro or sony acid
really doesn’t matter all that much which one u use

don’t forget reaper too if u dont wanna drop alot of dollars on this kind of thing


yeah i’d say use whichever daw is most convenient

i’ve used a variety over the years (cep, garageband, logic, ableton)

i have full version of ableton because that’s the only way to use max4live…so this is also the main daw i’ve tried my tx-6 with

eventually i might try directly sampling & recording sessions via koala desktop app too

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I recommend Logic or Ardour.

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Ableton is very straightforward for a mixer workflow


I’ve been looking at Reaper as well. I’ve decided to take the plunge with that, it’s a fantastic DAW.