dbox, dsynth, dquestion of decay

I know the TE folks like to do things different…so just curious: on dbox/dsynth the white controls the envelope & shift toggles between osc 1 & 2. Seems like attack & decay are combined? Both icons labeled attack & decay, but white on 1 seems to be more decay while 2 is attack. On the screen, the word attack always lit on both, while decay is dark. Am I reading it all right?

It’s been a while but IIRC it’s some weird sort of “triangle” env where the one control adjusts both attack and decay; at far left/CCW it’s fast decay, as you turn right/CW you get longer decay, and then a short attack is introduced, and then a longer attack as you move to the far right/CW.

I think the 2 envs are identical, but I might be wrong!

Ah, Sweden.