Dbox engine crash

Hello there,

My op-1 is crashing a lot when using the Dbox engine. The first time it happened, both oscillator were set to long envelopes, and I was a bit spamming the keyboard with finger drumming…
I thought “okay maybe I’m asking too much here”
But now it happens with particularly low settings, at certain spots on the “mode” dial, playing just one note.

The unit just freezes, VU meter goes in the red and I have to turn it off and back on.
Here’s a picture of the screen I get, glitched out interface with message “alloc failed too many blocks”.

I think it’s happening since fw update 243 but can’t be sure, as I wasn’t playing so much with dbox back then.
Did anyone else get this screen?
Should I email TE about it ?

Thx for reading.

I would def email them about it. I have not run into this, but I’ve only used DBox to make a handful kits over the past few months I’ve owned it.

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try a factory reset and see if it helps?
sometimes things get a lil messy in there

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