Dead cat or pop shield for op1f

Does anyone have a good method for attaching a dead cat or pop shield to the op1f mic? I just recorded some lovely stuff outside (vocals with birdsong in the background while waiting in a carpark, love the op1…) but there’s tons of wind sound.

is what you are looking for (haven’t tried it personaly though)


£21 plus £13 shipping then rush off being caught in duty and import tax and those delays. UK sucks.

honestly u could prolly make one yourself pretty easy

Time but yes!

I mean I guess that’s what money is for, saving time.

I use these - Rycote Micro Windjammer – Thomann UK

They work really well

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Yeah that’s probably perfect. I might augment it with velcro. But maybe there’s no merit in having it removable, I’ve had mics live in their dead cat sounding great. Thanks man. Sticky residue but it won’t kill the device, I don’t see me ever selling, and these are tools not exhibits.

I find the sticky stuff is enough to keep it on but comes off easy. Like, strong post-its glue of that makes sense?

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks :relaxed: ordered some right now.