Dead Pocket Operator? Here's a possible fix

I will spare you the technical details…
If you have a PO that does not power on, or one that powers on but resets when you press a button, grab a pair of tweezers and bridge the pads below. If it starts working, solder a wire in place.

I literally just repaired 10 dead POs with this fix.
Best of luck.


Wait…you had 10 dead PO’s!?


Please do not spare us the technical details.
There should be a direct trace from 3V to that pin of the pot.
How did yours get disconnected?

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There is a transistor between the battery and the pot. I assume it’s a buffer.
Now I just need a source for replacement displays.

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i think maybe thats the LDO voltage regulator?

The 5 pin ICs next to and above the appear to be voltage regulators, but the 3-pn IC is only connected to the one above. It’s possible that it’s for reverse polarity protection.

Here’s a good resource:

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ah my mistake then
knew it was either that or the 5 pin

interesting that they use both the 3v and whatever v the voltage regulator is spitting out
woulda thought otherwise

anyway way to go!

Thank you for the tip - managed to fix my PO Office after a couple of years of it being dead.