Deadmau5 Remix - Needing the OP-1 fam votes!

Did anyone else enter the Deadmau5 remix contest on Beatport?

There’s a huge splurge of EDM sh*t submissions and I was in two minds whether to enter or not fearing that what I did would get lost amongst all that.
Anyhow, I had a spare sunday evening and thought I’d do something quite random and fun.

I midi sequenced the main riff and used the OP-1 tape to knock the Left and Right channels out of sync sometimes.
Some bits were produced on the OP-1 but the final pull-together was Ableton Live.

Hope you’ll stop by for a listen and hopefully VOTE!
Let me know if you’ve entered too and I’ll vote back.

There’s a problem with the link, for me at least!

Thanks @josker - I’ve updated the link - should work now.

I don’t use Beatport, and don’t really know Deadmau5’s music, but that sounds really cool!

Maybe here’s my reason to register on Beatport :slight_smile:

Please do. I don’t use Beatport either and just signed up for the competition.
It looks like they do a lot of remix competitions but most are EDM rubbish I’d guess.

The main prize in the Deadmau5 comp is a release on his label.
Although most of his early stuff is EDM cheese, he’s amassed enough money from that to buy a big big house and a shitload of modular and his stuff is now getting really dark and experimental - long may it continue!
Hopefully he chooses the winner as something a little different rather than cheese.

voted :slight_smile:


… and please report such contest BEFORE the deadline next time ^^

Voted, will put this on The Random Selection with Ian & Stu FAcebook page too. We’d like to play some of your new EP on the show and will be in touch soon. Good luck!

Dead good @STME! Voted!

Thanks guys for stopping by, listening and voting.

Grand total of 4 already :wink:

Please, other people stop by and vote!

@LyingDalai Thanks for the vote … and I had posted the competition a while back when it was first launched :stuck_out_tongue:

@sentientminority thanks man really appreciate the post on Facebook!
No problem with sending you stuff to play on the show. I’ve mastered some of my YouTube jams as well as some really old sample-based stuff (very “dj shadow”) that I’m going to get up on Bandcamp as soon as I can.
Trying to make 2015 a productive year when it comes to music.

got my support. nice remix!

@spacetravelmadeeasy Oops, my excuses Tom !!

I missed this one !

Anyway, I find the idea of competition a bit antagonist with the pleasure of playing music.
However, it’s always a good motivation to create a track, with the deadline and all.

The battles are good for this (if one can find the time to do it, godferdam)
LFO contest was really fine : the jury took the time to carefully listen to each entry, that was great to be beaten by someone actually very good !
No frustration what so ever in this case :slight_smile:

It’s not the same when external votes are part of the process of selection : I really don’t like it, people can more or less cheat with this, and actually I found that from the jury it’s cheating to use it as a first filter.
I feel the same as @beefinator on this matter.