Debut album out - and the Op1 is to blame...

Hello all,

I just released an album - my first actually. And the Op1 is to blame…

The main - and I do mean main - instrument is the Op1. It’s on every song, and usually in a lot of different ways. Chords, leads, beats - it pretty much does it all.
The Moog Minitaur is used for most of the bass stuff (and some arpeggiated melodies) - but even there I’ve occasionally used the Op1.
Other than that there is an iPad synth rearing its little head on a few tracks and I think I might have used a Po-12 on a track (can’t really remember). The same goes for the Korg Monotron and Monotribe.

I recorded, mixed and mastered it at home using Logic X with the standard plugins (nothing fancy - compressor and eq on every track and a reverb on a bus channel to make it fit together a bit more). There might be a delay here and there and some tweaking to get rid of high-frequency-hum.

Some songs were almost completely recorded on the Op1 while others were imported into Logic to be worked on a bit more. I used very little cutting and moving around - what you hear is mostly how it all came out when I started writing each song.
Which was, by the way, very improvised most of the time. That’s how I like to work.

I’ve been around and involved in music for my whole adult life. Been in bands, played solo and all that (this album actually came about when I was in the middle of recording another album for a different project - guitars, voice - more of a singer/songwriter style). But this little thing (the Op1) has really opened up how I view creativity and music in general. Except for my first gutar, this is by far the best instrument/tool I’ve ever invested in.

I’ve been silently lurking around this forum since I bought the Op1 (think I’ve made one post) and picked up a lot of ideas and solutions to different problems - thank you all for that! So I would be very happy if you had the time to listen to the album and share your thoughts - any thoughts.
I hope you like it! And if you do, you’re most welcome to share it. It’s available on all major streaming services and Bandcamp (links below). There’s also a video on You Tube that a friend of mine did. I’m not in it for the fame or fortune anymore (tried that road, but thats just distracting) - but creativity never dies and to finish a project and to be able to share it sure is a good feeling.

The video:

/Perry - Kontainer

(Tried inserting an image of the album as well as changing that avatar of mine - didn’t work :slight_smile:

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cool video sounds nice

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it.

wide open is mint

Cool! Thank you.