Decembeats challenge!

Hey OP-1 fans,

I started my own challenge on december 1st called Decembeats!

The idea is to compose & publish music everyday in December. Good, bad or ugly, finished or not, YOU MUST PUBLISH! I chose to only use my Teenage Engineering OP-1 (no DAW). I start from scratch everyday and I try to spend between 1 and 2 hours max. I also try to vary genres. I'm not always satisfied with the result but while I work on it I have lots of fun ;-) For the second week, I added a rule : start with a radio sample.

You can follow my daily creations here :
If you have time to listen, please give feedbacks, I consider myself a beginner and I'm always open to criticism if I can learn from it.

FYI, I just learnt about the concept of "battles" on this site and I love the idea. I may participate on the next one (after december).

BTW Someone also submitted tracks for this (after my announcement on reddit) :