Decksaver Cover Questions

I’m considering getting a Decksaver cover for my OP-1. Anyone have one? Questions:

1. Does it fit tightly? Amazon reviews criticize it for being too tight or not fitting correctly.
2. Is it possible to have cables in for charging and headphones plugged in with the case on?



#1: Fit tightly - no. It basically just rests on top of the OP-1. But it’s a nice fit and for dust & spill protection, does a great job.

#2: Yes to the cables. Just note that the larger molded ends on most cables (esp. USB) will cause the cover to rise slightly and it will rest on these rather than the face of the OP-1.

Tired to post a pic but the site is being fussy. I think it makes sense.

It’s also very good to have it instead of a case/bag. A much smaller solution for take away. Just hold the cover with some shoelaces :slight_smile:

Sold! Very good deal on Amazon Prime. Love the decksaver for my Circuit.

Thanks folks - I just ordered one!

I got it yesterday and it is perfect! Fits well!