Deconstructing Gladys Knight

My first foray into sample-based music on the OP1. I love its sonic capabilities and workflow, and of course this lends itself perfectly to beat making aswell. Now I just need to work on my timing and practice my fingerdrumming! :)

Tips, comments or constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Wow, I love this! Deconstructing tunes of olden years is something I’ve been crazy since the day I started making music (or noise…). Your handling of the OP-1 as a sampler / beat maker seems totally cool to me. I’m yet to dig deeper into these features (sampling, tape…) because the OP-1 would perfectly fit into a live project I’m having in mind and which would be built around ‘boxes’ with small footprint (OP1, microGranny, iPad, Nord Drum 2 and several fx pedals).

Great work, you just got yourself a new subscriber over @ yt. :slight_smile:

GREAT tutorial/video Junoir!

Sampling/no quantize is definitely on the map.

Big fan myself as well. I rarely use symth engines or sequencers.

Keep it up!!