Dedicated TE op1 DAW/iPad utility (daydreaming)

Could such a thing ever be possible? I know in some minds it may run concurrent to the TE ethos, but (pardon the generalization) what if it didn’t? What are some of the possible applications? Even if it were only a streamlined media-bay to store data for tapes, albums, patches, sequencers, maybe the drum utility, etc. I know these things are achievable via various workarounds, but if it were all in one place, preferably in something portable like an iPad and not necessarily a laptop. As the title suggests this is just a work-break daydream and I’m probably not the first to wish for something like this, but could this ever be feasible? What other features would you folks want?

If all you’re looking for is an app to store the data from the OP-1, then I think the main issue is the iPad. An app would just have to access any USB drive in order to do what you are doing. Not sure if something like this exists already.

I meant the media-bay as the most basic dedicated app “solution” for lack of a better term. As far as I know, and I could be mistaken, there is no way other than pen and paper or some very convoluted MIDI operations, to save sequencer data. Would this even be possible? Another idea: the ability to record a tape performance, tape tricks and all, to 4 separate channels rather than being summed down to one. I guess this would be impossible as the USB doesn’t transfer live audio, but I hope I’m wrong.

For saving sequencer data, you could have an app that records the MIDI data and saves that as a sequence that could then be dropped to a DAW or something. But not transferred back to the OP-1. OP-1 does not have this capability. I guess this is convoluted until someone comes up with an easy way to do this.

As for the Tape, there is no way to record a “performance” other than the audio being recorded to Album or having the effects recorded directly on to Tape. If you have an arrangement on Tape and want to export that, however, you can do that as AIF files using the Data mode of the OP-1. Using USB for outputting audio live is not possible.

I don’t think the OP-1 has any shortcomings on outputting data/MIDI/audio for use with DAWs and such. But certainly there aren’t many ways to get data back into the OP-1 for use inside the synth. I suppose it’s best to either think of the OP-1 as an all-inclusive production center that can sequence, sampler, and record – or as a synth that can be externally controlled and treated more like a module (sequencing done on a DAW and audio recorded back into the DAW).

even a simple app would be cool for managing stuff as-is.

transferring files. maybe naming files/snapshots? etc.
take the computer out of the equation almost entirely.

would love to have a lil library of patches and tapes saved on my phone that i could switch between

I hope I’m not coming off as being disparaging towards the op1. I absolutely love it for what it is and what it can/cannot do. It’s changed the way I make music I think for the better. It has been my go to instrument for about 2 years now and I’ve always been a guitarist/drummer. I’m just curious what would be possible or desired from the community whilst hopefully keeping in with the TE vibe. It seems to me that a super simple and streamlined app for file management would be relatively easy to execute. I’d imagine that the opZ will have some sort of file management iOS implemented; how much further of a reach would it be to extend something to the op1?

“For saving sequencer data, you could have an app that records the MIDI data and saves that as a sequence that could then be dropped to a DAW or something. But not transferred back to the OP-1. OP-1 does not have this capability. I guess this is convoluted until someone comes up with an easy way to do this.

@GCF I was thinking of a similar idea. It’s impossible for MIDI notes from a DAW be used to enter information into any of the sequencers?

I have no programming experience, so I have little understanding of why there is some back and forth between the op1 and say, a laptop (tape, album, patches, etc) but it’s seemingly a one way street when it comes to sequences.

Also, does anyone know if it would be possible to record MIDI data from tape mode/tape tricks for applying to the individual tracks after the fact? Seems unlikely, but would be a cool thing.

I would have to do some experimenting (or if anyone has the setup available in front of them) to see if you can enter notes from a MIDI keyboard into the sequencers. If this is possible, I would think you could also have a preset of MIDI notes that would “play” into the sequencer to record it. Imagine holding the shift button while in Endless and entering notes from MIDI keyboard or MIDI app – that would be cool.

The easy answer for why some things are easy and others are hard is that the OP-1 is basically a mini computer. It has to store its own data somewhere in the box. Since it has to do it already, it is easy to make available the audio files and preset files for someone to grab on a computer via USB. Current sequencer settings could be made available like this if TE wanted to, but since they have avoided “saved sequences” then maybe they don’t want to open that can of worms.

There is no MIDI data or tape tricks stored for Tape mode. It is purely a 4x Mono Track recorder with some mixing options. Tape tricks are applied on top of the idea of the Tape – as if you were actually interacting with a physical tape machine.

Yes! Please let me know how it goes if you get around to it!

This may be getting into dedicated app territory, but there is no way to record button presses and encoder turns from a tape performance? It would be awesome to have these presses and turns saved so that they could be applied to individual tape tracks or any incoming audio from synth or drum or a line in, turning the op1 into a sort of automated effect unit, kind of sort of.

Hmm, I think this is where there is some confusion about Tape. Think of it literally as a tape recorder. Only audio is recorded. If you apply additional effects or tape tricks, then this will only be saved if recorded to either Album or an external audio recorder. The Tape is not like a DAW where there is audio and MIDI combined together.

You could probably record button presses and knob turns as MIDI saved to a DAW. But again, this would not be applied to the Tape, especially not as individual tracks. I can’t seem to find any documentation that describes what MIDI Inputs are controllable on the OP-1. So even if you got the MIDI Output recorded, not sure if it could be turned back and used on the OP-1 again.

I understand tape for what it is currently, a virtual 4 track that encourages (in my opinion) musique concrete techniques. I really love it for what it is.

That’s where we get into a “dedicated” (and yes, an imaginary) application. PLAY button begins the recording of button presses and encoder turns and STOP ends the recording of these presses via MIDI, in addition to the summed audio track into this imaginary op1 companion app. Now say I want to add a vocal track to the summed audio recording and apply that same tape trick MIDI data to the vocal recording, or guitar, or synth, whatever. It would be in perfect sync, and maybe instead of having a low EQ effect on M1, as I did for the first initial pass, I could change M1 to a delay stutter for this hypothetical 2nd pass/vocal recording.

Also, if we (custom firmware guys, I’m looking at you) can make the finger sequencer have Animal as a drummer or Deadmaus as a synthesist, isn’t there be someway to import vector images into the sketch sequencer?

Sorry for the ramble, I’m just brainstorming over here.

Just did some MIDI sniffing to see what is sent out when the OP-1 is in OP-1 Mode. I didn’t see any data for knobs, M1/M2, Tape tricks, EQ, or Mixer being transferred to the computer. I think only in CTRL mode some of these buttons transmit, but then the OP-1 no longer outputs any sound. So I think that what you are looking for is just too advanced for what TE has implemented. Sorry.

I was able to record MIDI from a sequencer into Live and then play it back as MIDI to trigger the synth. So a simple app that would record all of what the OP-1 does put out and then play it back to the OP-1 (even beat synched) probably wouldn’t be too hard for someone with that skill set.

I just played around with the OP-1 and a Livid Minim drum pad thingy using Live as the intermediary. It was a bunch of fun to combine Drum with the pads, and even mapping MIDI CC to the LFO for some extra control over the FX. That aside, I was not able to input notes into the sequencer using the Minim. Has anyone else had luck with input notes using a MIDI keyboard? Or is sequencer input only for the OP-1 built-in keyboard?

hope to be wrong, but don’t think there is a way to record to sequencers via midi.

I tried with a MIDI keyboard through iConnectMIDI4+ and had no luck. When in a sequencer, if you hold Shift on the OP-1 and then hit keys on an external keyboard, it starts the sequence. It does not enter notes. It seems like there isn’t really a way around the OP-1 MIDI limitations without TE changing the code.