Default setting for Master Out

I had a question about the “default” settings of the master output. What are the default numbers for:

  • The Left & Right Channel
  • Drive
  • Release

I wanted to “reset” my song to a normal setting to remove any extra compression. I’m assuming a Drive of 0 and Release of 1 is the reset. But unsure on the default level for the L & R. Appreciate any insight on that (nothing mentioned in the manual about that).


Set them both to maximum (99) for default…tip: if you hold shift, turning either blue or green moves both levels simultaneously.

Hope that helps,

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awesome. Thank you. So does the 99 supposed to be their equivalent to “0db”? Cool tip on the shift.

You’re welcome! Never have seen a correspondence to dB, so can only assume maximum of 99 = 0dB…

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