'Defragmenting Disk' upon startup after connecting to computer

I connected my op1 to the computer and switched to disk mode, dropped some files on, then instead of ejecting the disk (op1) from the computer I instead chose to press ‘1’ (switches op1 out of disk mode) on the synth. my computer showed the improper eject warning popup and my op1, upon startup is currently displaying ‘defragmenting disk’ with a percent indicator.

waiting for it to load, im not too worried that anything horrible will happen since I have my tape backed up; but I want to know exactly what ‘defragmenting’ is, and if it is degrading the electronics within the synth or fucking with it otherwise? I know i cant be the first

Defragmenting is perfectly normal. Se it as cleaning your house/apartment.

When you put information on a storage unit it writes to the sectors that are free. Since information is frequently removed and moved a single file gets scattered all over the drive (fragmented). So when the system is defragmenting the drive, it organizes the file structure on the drive.

If i disk has little space left, the files usually gets more fragmented

Starts to happen more often as the OP gets older. It used to never happen at all, now almost every 2 or 3 factory restarts it defragments.

^makes it sound like you factory restart it pretty often… :slight_smile: