Delay pedal - line level?

I have a cheap and cheerful delay pedal that I used to use as a send effect with my old mixer. I was hoping to use it as an insert effect (obviously changing the dry / wet levels accordingly) for my Volca Bass but the levels are really low. The Volca outs are a stereo 3.5mm jack whilst the delay pedal has twin ins and outs on 6.25mm mono jacks. I tried using splitter cables but it’s no use. I don’t have a scooby doo when it comes to impedance and the like, am I missing something?

I have had the same experience when using an rnc-compressor as an insert for the volca beats - luckily, I could adjust the gain level on the rnc to make up for the reduction. Maybe try using a mirco limiter or something after the delay

Thanks @iriebeats. I still don’t know the technical reasoning but appreciate from what you say that it just doesn’t work. Oh well. I was looking for a small footprint solution for a mobile set-up. Now looking to maybe get a used Mini Kaoss Pad 2 to use instead of the pedal. Or maybe even just use the OP-1 which isn’t ideal either.

I’m just going to leave this here. Think -10dBV for anything with a headphone jack out.

I am sorry, without explanation that means nothing to a simpleton like me… :S

@eesn Please comment your figure for us teenage engineers (non-electrical engineers). I’d just speculate that line level is bad.

What pedal are you using?

Behringer EM600 which sounds great with the Volca Bass.

many variables such as what you connect the pedal output to, as well as what kind of signals you normally operate. a mixer path would be +4 but a synth line out might be -10; pedals vary in the kind of voltage (decibels) they work best with, some don’t like too hot signals, newer ones seem less bothered.

the behringer in question has a 1k output which is high, and hi-z 500k input (expected). it probably anticipates to be plugged into another hi-Z input, and it could even be the level drop is deliberate so it doesn’t overload the next pedal. volca bass spec says 5v max output. the OP1 has its own level which I find arbitrary. easiest fix for this is to use a mixer.

point of graph above is “know your levels”