Delay speed / bpm conversion

I don’t know if anyone else might find this useful, but attached is a spreadsheet of the relationship between delay speed and bpm, it is not exact and is just meant as a rough guide so you can quickly get the delay working at a similar tempo to the track.
I measured the bpm of the delay by tapping a note with feedback set at 99, then fed the audio into live and used a max4live envelope follower to trigger a midi note to tap the tempo and then noted it down before changing the delay speed again.
Before measuring each value i changed the delay speed while holding shift, so for example i held shift while i increased from 13 to 14 and so the bpm measured is where the speed just changes to 14.
Maybe using this data someone can work out the formula that could calculate the delay speed from a given bpm?


Super interesting, thanks for sharing!

No idea what’s the formula for BPM though.

Some of these data points are very unexpected. Looking at “Inner circle bpm”, starting from “delay speed” of 40, we get BPM: 880, 1152 (+272), 1224 (+72), 1424 (+200), 1600 (+176). I was expecting linear / exponential growth, but here the growth rate varies wildly.

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you very much!!