Did I buy a new or a used OP1?

I need your help guys. I recieved it today, it was all good, package wise, although inside I found no patches and I had Cuckoo`s Nest in my drums library.

BTW I bought it from gear4music.com.

Should I return it? Or is it all good? Please need you as quick as possible. Thanks!

Cuckoos nest is a stock preset. Was the seal on the styrofoam box intact?

Cuckoos nest is a stock preset. Was the seal on the styrofoam box intact?

alright alright, everything was sealed. Sorry, it was all good. Kinda noob. I was pressing the shift plus 1-4 buttons. But the thing is, DNA is glitched, I have like a normal screen (DNA screen) and then parcial with a cube or rectangle or whatever, but not full screen. Is it a new animation or mine is fucked up? xD

Thanks for the reply dude!

WARNING: I Purchased a “new” unit, but I am almost certain it was either used or refurbished and resold as “new”.

Luckily it was also faulty and I was able to return it for a refund, but after doing so i purchased a unit elsewhere for cheaper and noticed the following immediately:

* Unit was sealed in both the box and a sealed plastic wrap vs. only a box.
* Box had multiple serial number stickers on it vs none.
* Unit is running 220 firmware vs. 218.
* Pots are much smoother and don’t “grab”.
* Unit exterior is perfectly clean, especially the underside - look for previous evidence of being mounted.
* Keys, pots all feel “newer”, smoother and not wobbly (except the volume knob).
* Second unit is “Imported from Japan”.
* Both units have “Made in China” printed on the box but covered with a white sticker.

Both units have the exact same model number on the box, but they are clearly not the same. I have absolutely no proof of any shenanigans but I am almost certain the first unit was actually used and had been packed up into a new box to make it appear new.

Both units were purchased via Amazon from reputable sellers.

@Xtrange does your DNA have two shapes that spin when keyboard played or one? You can increase size with Blue.

@rinner interesting you saying pots are smooth now with no grab. That would be a major hardware change if all 220 are like this.

Hey @Xtrange it sounds like a few of you have this DNA problem…
Incase you’ve not seen it.


I have a recently purchased 220 and the pots/knobs do have grab. The finesse of control would certainly be lost if they didn’t so hopefully that never changes.

Thanks for that @orestes .
Yes I’ve seen slight variation in the past of pots on new models,this makes sense.

Hey @Xtrange it sounds like a few of you have this DNA problem.. https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/3524/dna-synth-displaying-oddly#latest Incase you've not seen it.

Thanks brother. That was it! I kinda like it now, but if itll be fixed then no problem. Updates are welcome xD