Did I just break my op-1?

so I have happily had my op-1 since late 2017. Just recently I noticed when recording tracks I was getting spots where nothing would be recording; everything would drop out on the track so I would have these annoying little spots of silence on something I just recorded.

So I decided to format the hard drive and reupload the firmware. Everything seemed to go well but now when I boot my machine normally or holding down the com button I get one of these two screens and then nothing happens…

anyone know whats going on here? did I break it?

fixed it. false alarm! phew that was weird…

hopefully just a lil back-compatibility quirk?

I know TE has made some component tweaks over the years; this might just be the latest firmware expecting a newer rev of the hardware, with a special fallback logic.

How did you fix it? That information may help others in the future…

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@punji I was hitting the wrong 4 button; the screen said to hit shift + 4 to flip the display (see pic); once I did this correctly (shift + 4 track button) then it finally moved forward and it successfully booted up.