Didn't like the Zoom MS70-CDR - replacement advice needed

What i don’t like about it is it’s too complicated. 200 effects, chain up to 6, multi function dials and menus to flick through. Not for me.
I’m really pleased that a few folks took the time to recommend it thought. It was an experience.

So, I’m thinking of just grabbing 2 or 3 single function pedals as i build a board. Budget is £100 max per pedal, so no Moog, Eventide or Strymon for me!

I like the look and sound of the Mooer Reecho and the Electro Harmonix Holy Grain for delay and reverb on a budget.

What do folks here think and what else could I add? Chorus? I like single function pedals :slight_smile:

TC Electronic has some really nice affordable pedals that play well with the OP-1. I’ve used the Alter Ego Delay, and the T2 Reverb. Best of all they have stereo ins and outs. I also have the Donner Chorus (Tutti Love), which is a great budget mono chorus, despite the silly name.

I forgot to mention that I also tried the MS70-CDR before I tried the TC Electronic pedals. I didn’t like it for the same reasons you mentioned.

Yeah hear you on the Zoom Stomp range @AudioJack. They work best if you create a configuration and then just stick with it. I recently got a TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 reverb, a bit over your 100 quid budget, but not too much. Here’s a vid of it and TC’s new delay pedal in action:


So, basically +1 to what @toesthecat said. =)

You could do no wrong with just four effects reverb, delay, flanger and phaser. I tried a couple of the mooer effects (unfortunately with guitar) I think they very good value and very cute also. There is a mooer bit crusher with ‘synth’ mode. I liked that one the most.

Personally, I am saving up for the Bastl Thyme coming out in January I have been watching its progress since 2015. I really like the idea of it… But maybe a bit overkill for what you are after though.

I would still hang onto the zoom though. Use it as an insert effect and come up with crazy combos (when you be bothered scrolling through) to use and sample one shots etc.

How about digitech polara? Any thoughts on that?

Never tried one personally but there is a youtube man “noir et blan vie” that used one in a review; I like his videos as I feel he isn’t screaming at me or that I have to be 20 years old, cashed up again and “in the know”. Anyway. it o sounds nice with synths in combination with other pedals.

I would buy it on looks alone! Looks amazing.

I picked up a Zoom G1on the other day for 30 bucks and its been great. Running it post Op1 is nuts and its great for when i line in a guitar or bass obviously. I’m good at dialing in tone. I’m from the school of, there is no piece of gear that sounds inherently bad. It always comes down to your ear and your playing. Another big selling point for me was the fact that the g1on can be battery powered. SO if i want to goto the park or the woods and have a bunch of fx at my fingertips with my op1 and guitar, I can do so unbothered.

Having looked at some more videos, I like the combo
Digitech Polara and Electro Harmonix Canyon.

and the Mooer Reecho to slap on the output of a microbrute (when I get one)