Difference between Op-1 and Op-Z (not screen or battery related)

Hi all

The Op-Z has interested me much more sice Cuckoos video appraisal. Theres another standout feature of being able to playback loops of different lengths simultanously(big wow)!! But im a bit in the dark as to whether it has much less in the way of sounds itself that can be generated?

Any thoughts. Cheers guys.

just to add the OP-Z has individual bass lead tracks wheras th op-1 has individual synth engines. But is this going to be the same diversity of synth sounds. Or has the OP-z got a much more limited engine to work with?

Kindly the folk at TE have got back to me after emailing them. This is a mystery yet to be revealed as they don’t want to reveal an engine comparison at this stage which is understandable i guess. And that it has been developed from the ground up as we already know. So nothing new to be learnt. Oh well i tried.

Cheers guys.

From what I can guess by "somewhere between op-1 and pocket operator " then the op-z will have capable synthetic sounds without as much modulation matrix Ness of the op-1s lfo section. Just a guess.
The op-z is multi timbral,without the 6min 4track audio recorder. So can play multi sounds at once without having to commit to tape.(edit them afterwards). The op-1 is single voice in real time, but has the best digital tape.

@Peeter Thanks for the report. I would imagine the DSP capability on the OP-Z to be much better. So I think it is more a case of what TE want to allow it to do. I expect that will be guided by engineering time, marketing and UI (particularly in non screen mode).

It would “seem” strange if it could do more synthesis than the OP-1, but cost less perhaps. But times change and the OP-1 isn’t new technology any more.

I’m super excited for the OP-Z. So much power and fun in a tiny portable will be exactly what I enjoy about the OP-1, but even more so!