Different sound kits per track



Beginner here, and I can’t seem to get around this one.
Say I’m in the bass track and select a sound from sound kit one, make a bass line out of it. If I go back to that track and select another sound kit, it changes the sound of my original bass line. Am I really stuck on one sound kit per track? can I not access sounds from different sound kits on the same track? (or anywhere else)

Thanks in advance


This is the intended behavior. Changing the kit, or ‘plug’ is like changing the preset you are going to use for that sequence.

If you have laid down a killer sequence, but you are un happy with the presets, handy tip is to go to a blank pattern and find a sound you like and then go back to your pattern your working on and change the sound there.


Thanks a lot for the answer, and also for clarifying some of the jargon.
So I guess this means I cannot layer sounds from two different ‘plugs’ in the same pattern?


Unfortunately not. You can edit a single step to have very different parameters so the sound will be quite different (do this by holding the step you want to edit and then changing the encoder values accordingly) but in terms of using a different plug / sound engine on the same track, this is not supported.


@Domatron Unless you use a sample (with multiple sounds) in a drum track, right?


Yes @punji indeed. In fact over on the facebook group I uploaded a sample pack I created with various 1 shot synth samples from some of my analog gear all tuned to C. Once you enter notes onto the grid you can edit pitch per step.

I’m working on putting together some synth samples that will utilise the whole keyboard (although means each note can only last .5 seconds)


So I just cant use sounds from different plugs in the same pattern right? (even through other tracks) Because specific sounds are only available one a specific track? I know this sounds redundant and your answer was pretty clear… but what would you do if you wanted that sound from say sound plug 2 on top of your current sequence?

Looking forward to your samples!


If you like a sound, hold the track button and a white note key to save it. Saved patches appear on the notes as lit leds when holding the track button. Make sure to choose the same plug (track and black keys 1-9) and then select the preset with a white key on whatever new pattern you are on.


So as far as I know the synth engines on track 5-8 are all the same, however the order is different on different tracks:
from (https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/4873/explanations-on-synth-engines#latest):
Here’s how they’re laid out by #s

  • bass - 26, 129, 98, 25, 65, 112
  • lead - 65, 25, 11, 26, 98, 112
  • arp - 26, 25, 11, 65, 98,113
  • chord- 31, 26, 11,25, 65, 112

The difficulty in achieving what you want to do is that you can only copy synth settings from one track to the same track (e.g. on another pattern). Still, it should be possible to choose the same synth engine on two different tracks and then try to manually copy the settings from one to the other. So let’s say you are on the second engine on chords (#26), if you recreate the same settings on the 4th lead engine (also #26), it should sound the same. I haven’t tried to do this yet, so I might be completely wrong, but this is how I think it should work.
However, the polyphony will differ (4 for chords, and only 3 for lead I think, not sure about bass)


Great info, I did notice some similarities across different tracks as well. I’ll keep trying and see what I come up with.