Direct drumkit recording using OP-1's internal mic

I was at the studio the other day practicing drums and decided to record directly to an OP-1 album to see how the internal mic would fare (and to sample the results if it was any good).

Well, color me surprised. It doesn’t sound clean in any way, but I really like the distortion. It kinda sounds like an old cassette recorder. I’m also impressed at how much bass came through, considering the size of the mic.

(Please ignore my sloppy drumming.)

sloppy and drumming its joy. thanks

Maaaan, that is begging to be turned into a OP1 drumkit, dirty and sleazy! Great sound

You can download it and make one. I could post a kit, but I think everyone has a different approach to slicing beats. :slight_smile:

Nice man! :smiley: I’m gonna try to use that

Wow, this is brilliant!! Can’t wait to put a couple of kits together with this material. Thanks a lot!

not bad. just got mine and thinking “man, this mic is quiet”. Obviously i need to make more noise.