Disable audio out

Is there any way to disable audio out from op-1 itself?

hi! I use op-1 heavily as an midi controller on an ipad, and i have my own audio output (stereo out , you get the idea where im going…) so whenever i connect the op-1, ipad switch automatically to op-1 audio through usb and i have to replug my other audio out device. I already sent a report to apple development so i can manually choose audio output device but dont get any answer yet. So, can i choose whenever i want op-1 to be an audio interface or not?

you should try to reconfigure the audio setting within some Apps like AUM for instance.

it’s not possible to monitor the incoming USB audio over the IPad speakers

I asked this same question to TE about the OP-Z and they said it wasn’t possible.

I honestly think op-z and op-1 are just behaving as they should. Is the ipad which has to have the option to select audio output between several audio out devices.

I use OP-1 MIDI over Bluetooth in this situation.

A little trick is to use a USB-C hub and the USB-C audio dongle. On my iPad Pro i use this in order to record my OP-1f synths into the iPad.

. Turn on op-1f first
. Then plug in audio dongle
. Now whatever you play out of the OP-1f can be heard in your iPad app which you use to capture your playback:AUM, Drambo, Loopy Pro, Cubasis, etc…