Disable input monitoring but still record the incoming audio

Is there a way to disable input monitoring on the OP-1 Field but still record the incoming audio?

I’m routing my guitar sound through a mixer and sending an aux signal to the OP-1 (in that way I can select on my mixer what instrument I want to send to the OP-1 for recording/sampling). The issue I’m having is that now I’m hearing the guitar sound through the mixer and through the OP-1 (which is also fed into the mixer for monitoring for hearing the beat).

I can ofcourse mute the guitar on the mixer, but it would be easer of the OP-1 field didn’t automatically monitor the input while recording. Probably not possible, but had to ask :slight_smile:

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Can you go into mixer mode and drop the track volume down to… 0?

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You could also mute the track you’re recording to on the OP-1 from the Mixer page itself–e.g., if you’re recording guitar to the first track and you mute track 1 it’ll still record but you won’t hear the incoming audio.

(or you could do what @NearTao suggested while I was typing this! :slight_smile: )

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Just tried it and that works too. It’s just a quick as muting things on the mixer, but it’s always good to have options. So thanks anyway!
I’ll send an email to TE for a feature request, and we’ll have to see :slight_smile: