Discerning between op-1 field and op-z

In light of the current upcoming announcement, I will wait but I wanted to ask this questions as a non-owner to see what expert users might say about this issue. (Thanks to Tarekith for most of the information and help)

I want the op-z. I love its entire functionality and aesthetic but I am concerned about warping, double trig, and the gamut of issues like encoders or button sticks . Many friends online have returns their op-z about 3-4 times on average, not just one or two.

The op1 field on the other hand is new, top quality, under constant updates and development and it looks like there is a new update coming for it. Hopefully it’s the midi implementation from the z to the field.

Otherwise how are your experiences with the Z and the op1 field? Any owners of both? Did you have to return any? How was the process ?

Any info would be helpful .

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I’m currently sporting my third op1 Field.
First one had some sort of blooming around the edges of the screen (turns out it is most of the screens), second one had a screen that was not glued well, third one has the occasional double triggering - but it’s a keeper. For now.

Quality wise, TE is held to a great standard by its customers due, mostly, to the hefty price tags.
But they probably missed the mark on the op1 Field. So few real updates/upgrades for twice the price was just a weird move. At least, not a popular one. And quite some issues - even tho it appears that the overall quality is kind of a hit and miss.

If you search long enough, any brand will have QC issues, returns, bad products and mishaps. TE just branded itself as boutique with Applesque price tags. It was inevitably gonna rub people the wrong way.

As far as I’m concerned, TE’s customer service is spot on. Fast enough, trying to fix things the best they can.
Had an issue with a broken PO-33 (months after the op1 Field screen issues) and resolved the case in a week.

So all in all, I’d say TE is trying. Ate the very least, they are trying to right their wrongs.

It is also of note that the Field moniker is not the best name to describe their gear. Not the most practical outdoors, I’d say.
And as pointed out elsewhere in this forum, TE probably half baked the ecosystem (sample rates all over the place, lack of an unifying app/program, redundancy of options, etc).

And, please, do keep in mind that this is just my opinion. It is not even worth my two-cent’s penny after inflation.

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On the contrary (though this is no slight at @Heyes who is one of my forum favorites)
I’ve had hands on 4 OP-1F’s all with no issues, except one had one of the plastic knobs with a hairline crack in it. Something I think is a bummer sure but also not noticeable and easily fixable with a replacement set.

As @Heyes mentioned, I do think TE will help you with issues, I’ve got no complaints with them. I’ve had issues with other equipment too and tbh dealing with TE felt like dealing with people not a massive company (elektron too, they’re great and their devices have issues too sometimes!)

So far I feel that OP-1F’s build quality has been very good, and the reports of issues seem muuuch fewer than the Op-Z which has multiple well-documented frequent issues.

I’ve had multiple op-z’s too and the encoders have popped out, the units have bent, certain modules just didn’t work (both Oplab and line), I’ve had audio output crackling issues, double triggers and the pesky and somewhat useless pitch bend thing seemed to have a problem on each of the units I’ve had.

That said: not all of the units had the encoder issue, but the ones that did I was able to fix.
Using Deoxit helped clear up the double triggers.
The bend some have remedied with better support in the middle. The pitch bend thing doesn’t really matter since it can’t be recorded anyway (live only).

I think the OP-Z is a tremendous value
I doubt the release will be a OP-Z field, or mkii, but I would absolutely love it. At the end of the day, I picked one up new, on sale for very cheap (and I had points at that retailer) so it ran me $300-350 I can’t remember,

If you can get a killer deal on a new one, or make sure you get a return policy on a used one then I see very little risk in paying sub-$400 for this device even with the issues. It’s absolutely amazing value for money.

The op-z was the first piece of music hardware I ever had outside of a bass and piano keyboards and it shaped a lot of how I like to make music now. In some ways I’ve grown out of the internal sounds and generally have gravitated towards using the OP-1F, but that happened over time. I’d absolutely recommend that you check it as a good starting point to the brand.

As for the midi implementation you mentioned “from Z to OP-1F” care to elaborate on what you mean/ what you’re looking for?

The midi ‘implementation’ works exactly how I’d expect the two to work after actually having both and understanding how they work. Both via Bluetooth midi as well as audio/midi over usb-c. There is nothing in this communication between the two that I’ve felt is lacking, so I’m curious what you’re looking for?


Thanks. That’s very reassuring they resolve things to make them right.

At the same time, only one person I spoke to hasn’t had issues with their OPZ. I have no doubt TE would repair it or replace if it was warranted but I don’t want to go piece after piece knowing it is an inevitably something will go wrong and need replacing

With that said, the op1F , as you pointed out, rarely have serious issues that stop functionality of the unit and TE fixes them a lot better I’m assuming since the parts are sturdier

I’m not trying to convince myself one way or another since the opz is what I wanted to begin with. However I’m more than happy to buy the op1f knowing it’s going to be updated and maintained.

I don’t know, if other opz users don’t have issues while I find out more op1f are on their third unit I’ll reconsider it


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Hey thanks for asking that follow up

With the MIDI sequencing, it seems the opz had a lot more features, longer patterns or sequences, ability to set a master track to transpose on the fly, editing midi after a take, etc, I’m sure there are more but honestly, with the DAW(Logic] + OP1 field I don’t feel that limited anymore. It seems you can record to a DAW and then bounce that to a track, leaving.

you with 3 more track to use if you so choose

Oh yeah and I forgot to say:
It’s probably no harm to just wait until after 11/22/23 to make your decision :slight_smile:

B/c if it’s an OP-Z refresh you’ll probably want the new hardware. If not (which I don’t think it’s gonna be OP-Z related, but idk) then you can look for a good deal on the Z!

Or buy now from a dealer with a return policy and return if new hardware is released lol


I can wait till Christmas even!!!

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Best advice here. Gotta wait that week to be sure!

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You’ve got a patience I lack at times.

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It’s the holidays and I have no choice! Imagine explaining to the wife I financed my gear BEFORE doing her Christmas, errr I mean, the family Christmas shopping lol

Plus someone pointed out the modules are dropping price on the OBZ which hints it up mint sales? Maybe it’s a hint that it’s an all out BF sale in all products ?

My wife just offered me a brand new SP404mk2 out of the blue. Didn’t even knew she ordered it. Magical.
So who knows? Maybe this year, Santa will treat you with one heck of a gift!

And yeah. Prices have dropped quite a bit in TE’s store.
On that matter, even tho Amazon and the likes sometimes have some prices drops, I’d advise you to purchase through TE store. Makes for a better CS in the end.

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Choosing between OP-1 Field and OP-Z can be tough, huh? OP-Z’s got cool functions, but there have been issues like warping and double trig. Some folks had to return it a few times for stuff like button sticks. OP-1 Field’s newer, gets updates, seems solid. Maybe it’ll get that MIDI update from Z.

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Yes. For pure functionality and price I wanted the Z. After reading, talking , and watching videos, I decided I am going to get the op1F. It has a lot more going for it besides top of the line construction- mostly the point you mentioned , it’s constantly developed and updated and it’s a brand new flagship instrument and station so As you said I hope the update firmware integrates like an OP-z function instead /as a 5th type of tape to record to maybe??

Anyway I’m set on TE for sure. It’s just a matter of when

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