Display Protector: buffing out bubbles?

Hello there, new OP-1 owner here and very happy with it so far. However, in spite of my best efforts to apply the display protector as carefully as possible, there’s still nice big fat bubble ring around the whole thing which I’m really not sure is necessarily cosmetically preferable to scratches. While there is obviously no “do-over” with something like this, does anyone have any advice on getting bubbles out of their OP-1 display protector?

Aside from this, I have no complaints about the device yet and it’s near life-changing. :smiley:

Is it impossible to peel off the protector from the screen at this point?

If you can give it another go, I’d try using a credit card, tape, and a needle (if desperate) to assist you.

Slowly lay down one edge of the protector to the other. With your credit card, slowly push out from the center of the screen to the edges to workout the bubbles helping the air escape. You can use tape to lift up a corner of the protector if the bubbles don’t escape the second or fourth time around. If you see a dust particle that maybe causing you bubbles, use the tape for the too.

If all the above fails, pop the bubbles with a needle and proceed to smoothing out the protector with your credit card once more.
Hope this helps.

Credit card! Haha, why didn’t I think of that? I was so nervous about getting it lined up that I didn’t even think of that.

… and if you get the screen protector all smutzy with fingerprints on the wrong side, i found washing in dishwash soap and blow drying with a hair dryer does the trick, and it still sticks smoothly to the screen!

wow, that’s brilliant!